Signal Strength

Because of those marvelous gadgets called cell phones and smartphones, we’re better connected, better organized, and better informed than any generation in history. Seeking greater SIGNAL STRENGTH has become our never-ending quest as we attempt to stay in-the-know and keep our lives on track. But, wouldn’t it be great if we could increase our SIGNAL STRENGTH when it comes to knowing God and staying connected to Him in full power and strength? We can!

Signal Strength -  Week One - "Unlimited Calling"
September 15, Senior Pastor Steve Ezra

No need to go over your minutes...we have unlimited calling to and from our Lord, no matter where you are.  

Signal Strength -  Week Two - "Join a Network"
September 22, Senior Pastor Steve Ezra

Join the nation's largest and most reliable network. 

Signal Strength -  Week Three - "More Bars, More Places"
September 29, Guest Speaker, Rev. Sam Maihack

It's not complicated, sharing is better. 

Signal Strength -  Week Four - "Service Provider"
October 6, Speaker, Barbara Brosch

Risk-taking service. Serving others increases our Signal Strength. It enlarges out heart toward God as well as our heart toward people.

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