Say What?

The way most people interpret the Sermon on the Mount actually makes it sound like bad news. People read, "Blessed are the poor" and say, "Oh, I've got to become poor in order to be blessed." This is a misunderstanding of Jesus' teaching. All of His teaching is about the Kingdom of God, entering the Kingdom of God through faith in Him, and the process of being transformed so that the kinds of behavior taught, and indeed the old law, are a natural expression of who we have become.  Join us for this series as we dive into how Jesus flipped the expectations and understanding of what it means to be part of God's family during the Sermon on the Mount.

Say What? Week One - "The Poor Are Blessed?"
May 25, Guest Speaker - Dr. Gloria Hilton

In the Beatitudes, Jesus redefines “who is blessed.” The world thinks that riches and happiness and abundance and power are signs of being blessed. Jesus turns this thinking upside down.

Say What? Week Two - "Grace AND Law?"
June 1, Guest Speaker - Rev. Dwight Loomis

Many people mistakenly believe that Christ came to abolish the Law, to set aside all the laws and commandments in the Old Testament, so we can live by grace alone. However, to say "we are not under law but under grace" is not to set aside the Law. Behavior matters. What we do defines who we are.

Say What? Week Three - "Anger=Murder?"
June 8, Steve Ezra, Senior Pastor

Continuing His teaching on the ongoing relevance of the Law, Christ gives examples relating to anger and murder, lust and adultery, marriage and divorce, and making oaths. Behavior matters, but behavior begins on the inside, in our minds and hearts. That's where transformation begins.

Say What? Week Four - "Turn The Other Cheek?"
June 15, Steve Ezra, Senior Pastor

Living in God’s Kingdom means loving people as Christ does. It goes beyond the minimum; it is going the extra mile.

Say What? Week Five - "Treasures In Heaven?"
June 22, Steve Ezra, Senior Pastor

Living in God’s Kingdom means knowing that this life is preparation or practice for our life to come, our eternal lives. Though it’s good to have our basic needs met, and there’s nothing wrong with enjoying life today, we must strive after “treasures in heaven” more than treasures on earth.

Say What? Week Six - "There's a Log In My Eye"
June 29, Steve Ezra, Senior Pastor

Jesus said, “Whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them,” a spin on the Golden Rule. Judge people the way you want to be judged. If we would put this rule into practice, it would revolutionize our world. It is the foundation for social relationships in the Kingdom of God.

Say What? Week Seven - "Not Everyone Gets In?"
July 6, Steve Ezra, Senior Pastor

We live in the Kingdom of God by following Jesus, by training to be like Him, not by trying harder to do good things. If it’s true that “what you do defines you,” it’s also true that we should only do what Jesus showed us to do, and that requires knowing Him and apprenticing ourselves to Him.

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