There’s no one right way to share your faith, and God doesn’t expect us to be somebody we’re not. He has shaped each of us uniquely for His purposes, which includes faith sharing. We will be most successful in sharing our faith when we do so in alignment with our spiritual gifts, passions, natural abilities, and personalities.

Overflow Week One - "As You Go"
July 13, Steve Ezra, Senior Pastor

When we remember what Jesus has done for us, what He has saved us from, what promises about the future He’s made, we become so naturally excited that we make disciples everywhere we go. 

Overflow Week Two - "Overflowing Friendships"
July 20, Steve Ezra, Senior Pastor

The most effective faith sharing usually starts with who we know and trust: our friends. 

Overflow Week Three - "Overflowing Invitations"
July 27, Steve Ezra, Senior Pastor

We need to make the effort to invite people to worship services that are designed to be seeker-friendly and other outreach events designed to make connections with people and present the Gospel. 

Overflow Week Four - "Overflowing Stories"
August 3, Steve Ezra, Senior Pastor

When we reflect on how God has worked in our lives-- healing, encouraging, guiding, giving hope, ect.-- we discover one of the most effective ways to share our faith: our own stories of life-change.

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