New Year's Revolution 

What happens to us in life is not as important as the decisions we make. Our choices matter more than our circumstances. We make our choices, then they make us. This worship series helps us understand four life-shaping choices we need to consider regularly. 

New Year's Revolution - Week One - "Against The Grain" 
January 5, Senior Pastor Steve Ezra

God didn’t create you to be what someone else wants you to be. 

New Year's Revolution - Week Two - "No Pain, No Gain" 
January 12, Senior Pastor Steve Ezra

Most of our problems (financial, health, relational, and spiritual) are because of our inability to delay gratification. We want everything now, free, and easy. However, often the right thing to do is the hard thing to do.

New Year's Revolution - Week Three - "Take A Stand" 
January 19, Senior Pastor Steve Ezra

What matters most in our lives? Could we quickly list the top three values our lives are based on? If we haven't identified them, we certainly can't live by them. If we don't decide what matters most, others will decide for us.

New Year's Revolution - Week Four- "Follow The Leader" 
January 26, Senior Pastor Steve Ezra

Moses had every reason to be afraid. He was going up against Pharaoh, the most powerful man on the planet. But Moses knew he reported to a higher authority.  Who you put your faith in makes the difference. 

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