• Destined for Greatness

    July 2-16, 2017

  • Rev. Bill Fisackerly, Senior Pastor (Stand Alone Messages)

    House Party // June 4, 2017
    Something Worth Living For // April 30, 2017
    What Now? // April 23, 2017
    Game On! // February 5, 2017
    Faith Plant // 
    Sept. 25, 2016
    Risky Business // Sept. 18, 2016
    Remember // Sept. 11, 2016
    Responding to the Call // July 3, 2016

  • Fixer Upper

    May 7-28, 2017

  • Easter Sunday / It Has Begun

    April 16, 2017

  • It Is Finished

    March 5-April 9, 2017

  • This.Is.Living

    February 12-16, 2017

  • Moving Forward

    January 8-29, 2017

  • Christmas Day 2016 DVD

    December 25, 2016 Special Song and Message

  • Let There Be Light

    November 27, 2016 - January 1, 2017

  • Practice Makes Progress

    October 16-November 13, 2016

  • Back To School

    August 21 - September 4

  • Empty Chair

    August 7 - 14, 2016

  • Out Of The Box

    July 10 - July 31, 2016

  • The Journey

    June 5-June 26, 2016

  • I Love My Church

    May 1 - May 29, 2016

  • It's (Not) Complicated

    April 3 - 17, 2016

  • Easter Sunday

    March 27, 2016

  • Holy Week

    Special Palm Sunday Message & Holy Thursday Message
    Palm Sunday: March 20, 2016   /      Holy Thursday: March 24, 2016

  • Full Circle

    February 21 - March 13, 2016
    Do you ever sense that there’s far more to prayer, and to God’s vision for your life, than what you’re experiencing?  Learn how to claim God-given promises, pursue God-sized dreams, and seize God-ordained opportunities and through it all bring glory to God.

  • Pastor Dave Brazelton (Stand Alone Messages)

     Stand Alone messages include:
    January 10, 2016: "To Know And Be Known"
    January 17, 2016: "The Mind of Christ"
    January 24, 2016: "Worship The Lord"
    January 31, 2016: "The Barnabas Factor"

  • Wonder

    November 29 - December 20, 2016
    The Christmas story is familiar.  Perhaps too familiar.  We can become so familiar with the details of the Christmas story that we lose our sense of awe, our sense of wonder, about what God has done for us in Jesus Christ.  We can lose our appreciation for miracles and prophecy and characters that comprise the Christmas story!

  • Signal Strength 2015

    October 18 - November 15, 2016
    Because of those marvelous gadgets called cell phones and smartphones, we’re better connected, better organized, and better informed than any generation in history. Seeking greater SIGNAL STRENGTH has become our never-ending quest as we attempt to stay in-the-know and keep our lives on track. But, wouldn’t it be great if we could increase our SIGNAL STRENGTH when it comes to knowing God and staying connected to Him in full power and strength? We can! 

  • 40 Days Of Love

    September 13 - October 11, 2016
    Everyone has a life principle, whether it’s comfort, fun, safety, or affirmation. Join Pastor Steve for this series that walks through the ways to make love the most important goal of your life and be obedient to Christ: “Let love be your greatest aim” (1 Corinthians 14:1).

  • The War Within

    Steve Ezra, Senior Pastor // September 6, 2015

  • We Are Called To Ministry

    Guest Speaker :: Dan Floen // August 30, 2015

  • Dr. Riley Short

    Guest Pastor // August 23, 2015

  • Youth Ministry Sunday

    Velocity Youth Ministry Sunday // August 16, 2015

  • Dream On

    June 14 - July 12, 2016
    Pastor David Landers: Series on the life of Joseph

  • Lighting The Path To Christ

    April 26 - June 7, 2016
    This worship series, as part of our capital campaign, is designed to lift up the motivators behind generosity and speak to the heart of the giver.

  • Moving Forward

    April 12 - 19, 2016
    From Sorrow to Joy and Doubt to Belief.

  • Finished

    February 15 - March 29, 2016
    The Seven Last Words from the Cross (also known as “The Final Sayings of Jesus” or “The Seven Last Words of Jesus Christ”) are seven sayings Jesus spoke during his execution on the cross. They are compiled from the four accounts of Jesus’ life: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, each author having a unique audience and purpose in mind for writing their gospel account. Throughout most of Christian history, these seven sayings have been interpreted as rich with special meaning, filled with theological implications about the work Jesus was accomplishing.

  • 31 Days To Live

    January 4 - February 1, 2016
    This worship series, covering the 31 days of January 2015, will help us to consider what’s really important in life so that the thousands of days in the rest of our lives will be better and more gratifying than we think is even possible!

  • My True Love Gave To Me

    November 30-December 21, 2014
    Advent is a seaon for remembering and celebrating the culmination of all things in Christ.  Advent puts Christmas into its proper place, not as a comforting destination or early winter holiday, but rather nothing less than the completely disruptive inbreaking of the God who, through this birth, makes all things new.  As such, Advent can, if we let it, re-orient us from the dominant culture's experiene and expression of Christmastime.  In Jesus, the old world ends.  In Jesus, God the Father - our true love, gave us hope, love, peace, and joy. 

  • God Questions

    A three-week worship series based on questions people from the congregation have asked.

  • Together

    October 19-November 2, 2014
    A three-week relational series on friendships.

  • Signal Strength

    A two-week worship exploring the mission and vision of St. James UMC.

  • Supernatural

    August 31-September 28, 2014
    A Worship Series diving into the topics: miracles, angels and demons, prophecy, spiritual warfare, and healing.  How can we separate fact from fiction, truth from myth?  What have we gotten right and wrong?  What does the bible say?

  • ABC's of Parenting

    There are many things in this world competing to influence the next generation.  However, God has tasked parents to be the primary influencers, molding and shaping disciples of Jesus Christ.  During this worship series we dive into the basics "ABCs of Parenting."

  • Overflow

    July 13-August 3, 2014
    There’s no one right way to share your faith, and God doesn’t expect us to be somebody we’re not. He has shaped each of us uniquely for His purposes, which includes faith sharing.

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