Lighting The Path To Christ (Steve Ezra, Senior Pastor)

This worship series, as part of our capital campaign, is designed to lift up the motivators behind generosity and speak to the heart of the giver. There is a distinctive theme each week that lifts up one of the reasons why people give: gratitude, prayer, belief in the mission of the church, the call to live a generous life and the invitation to give sacrificially. 

Grounded in Gratitude
April 26 // Pastor Steve Ezra

Giving flows out of our own personal sense of gratitude. The more we are aware of God’s blessings in our lives, the greater our desire to give. 

Impact of Ministry
May 3 // Pastor Steve Ezra

There is no greater investment from our dollars than changed lives. 

Releaved in Prayer
May 10 // Steve Ezra, Senior Pastor

Prayer is the means by which we open our hearts and sould to the presence of Christ, deepening our connection and relationship with God.

Sacrificial Giving
May 17 // Steve Ezra, Senior Pastor

A sacrifice is not determined by the size of the gift but by what it represents to the giver.

Lived in Faith
May 31 // Steve Ezra, Senior Pastor


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