ABCs of Parenting

There are many things in this world competing to influence the next generation.  However, God has tasked parents to be the primary influencers, molding and shaping children as disciples of Jesus Christ.  During this worship series,  we dive into the basic "ABCs of Parenting."

ABCs of Parenting Week One- "Accepting Responsibility"
August 10, Speaker Karen Ezra

Parents are given an incredible gift and responsibility from the Lord in children. Children are a blesing and a trust. Therefore, parents must accept full responsibility for their role, not abdicating it to peers, schools, or culture, especially when children are young. 

ABCs of Parenting Week Two- "Building Wisely"
August 17, Speaker Karen Ezra

Parents need to be clear about God's values versus the world's values, and work diligently to instill those values in their children. Wisdom, understanding, and knowledge that honors God will not come naturally.

ABCs of Parenting Week Three- "Correct Lovingly"
August 24, Steve Ezra, Senior Pastor

Loving your kids means sometimes making tough choices and enforcing clear boundaries, giving the skills they need to learn how to make wise choices for themselves.

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